Since the beginning of the 90’s she works with sound installations, videos and photos. She starts to use the Holophonic system and binaural device in the 1993 for the video and sound installation Zoo (Luigi Pecci Museum, Prato, Italy, 1994 and "Arche Noha, Über Tier und Mensch", Museum Ostwall, Dortmund, 2014). In the 1997 she works In Varanasi, India, for the shooting of We want to keep you safe and Viceversa (Valencia Biennal, 2001); in Paris between 2001 and 2002 recording Plan de Paris, the total sound map of the Paris underground, (MACRO, Rome, 2001). Plan de Paris (de poche) - the light version of the work - has been shown at Akademie der Künste, in "SONAMBIENTE06" Berlin, 2006; at Koldo Mixelena Kulturunea, San Sebastian, 2007, in "Dimensión Sonora"; exhibitions dedicated to the sound art research. In the last years she mainly works with site- specific projects, in which she uses non-professional actors. In the 2009 she shot in Germany the film Le Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe, in the countryside of North Rhine Westphalia, Museum Goch, (2009). In 2011 Casting Madonna with the participation of young mothers living in the countryside.of Monteleone d'Orvieto. The film Mio Caro Mia Adorata/ My Dear My Beloved, has been shown at the Galerie de L’UQAM, Montreal, (2013), in the exhibition "Donatella Landi: Le résonance de l’Image"; as a film screening at the Kino Goli Theater, Goch (2015); in italian version, at Auditorium Arte, Parco della Musica, Rome (2015). In the 2017 she shot in Neaples the film Scusi, ma lei è felice?, (2018) in the 2020, in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, the film Wacht am Rhein (2021).
She lives and works in Rome and Berlin.
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