Wacht am Rhein
Film, colour, sound, time 1 hour, 7 minutes, 29 seconds. The film is a long nocturnal observation of the Rhine River where slowly, crossing barges are the only sound and visual presence. Black shadows, obscure images, animal shapes but at same time warships. The film is structured on these ambivalent perceptions: a meditative observation of the beauty of flowing water, the slow, endless movements of the barges, birds, sound; on the other hand these same presences evoke a sense of profound disquiet, a subtle, deep feeling of anxiety.
Scusi, ma lei è felice?
Film, colour, sound, time 1 hour, 14 minutes, 44 seconds. Italian with english subtitles. Shot in Naples at the beginning of May 2017. Itinerant set in 4 squares: Piazza Luigi Miraglia, Porta Capuana, Piazza Dante, Piazza Municipio. The Interviews with passers-by were shot in front of backdrops reproducing ancient Naples black and white images, preceding the urban speculation began after WW2, known as the "plunder of Naples". The interviewees, each in his own way, develop a reflection between the city and the concept of happiness, perceived as a collective, social, philosophical feeling.
Mio Caro Mia Adorata/ My Dear My Beloved
Film 2K, colour, sound, time 1 hour, 27 minutes. English version 2013, Italian version 2014. The film is based on the correspondence between my parents during the 50s, before their marriage. The confidence in the future was the basic element for that generation, so young during the time of reconstruction after the WW2, but turns out to be so far away from our current vision of society, time, nature and history. The camera turns a full circle 360 degrees while the actors are reading the letters. Installation views at Galerie de l'Uqam, Montreal, 2013, Auditorium Arte, Parco della Musica, Rome, 2015, Goli Theater, Goch, 2015.
Le Déjeuneur Sur l'Herbe/Zoo 1993-2009
Film HD, colour, sound, time 90 minutes, 11 videos, various time. Shot in the Nord Rhein Westfalen, shown at Museum Goch, 2009, Galerie de l'UQAM, Montreal, 2013. The installation of Le déjeuner sur l’herbe/Zoo1993-2009 presents two sets of videos placed on opposites walls: on the left side the back projection screens showing Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, on the right side 11 small monitors showing Zoo 1993/2009, a set of videos never shown before, shot at the Rome zoo in 1993 while preparing Zoo, a sound-video installation exhibited at Pecci Museum, Prato, 1994.
Le Videocommedie
Taking a cue from the great era of radio broadcasting of the late 60s and early 70s, I rework radio plays and radio dramas, sound works that marked my childhood and adolescence. The cicle includes: l’Amitié, colour, sound, time 13 minutes, 48 seconds, 2007, L’Argent, colour, sound, time 14 minutes, 18 seconds, l’Amour, colour, sound, time 13 minutes, 39 seconds, 2011.The installation includes a TV monitor, an armchair and a coffee table, thus emphasizing the private aspect of the vision. Installation view, Museo delle Terme di Diocleziano, Rome, 2008.
2006, 2 videos, 7’58” each, colour, sound. Double simultaneous video projection on 2 standing elements, 280 x 210 x 50 cm each. The work focuses on the daily observation of a group of seals. The screens show two different shots of the Berlin zoo water tank, in which a school of seals is swimming: the surface is shot both from above and from below the water. Installation views, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel, 2010.
Giardino Perduto
2005, 2 videos, colour, sound, time 29 minutes, 58 seconds each. 2 channels video installation. The videos are simultaneously projected on two screens side by side cm 320x 240 each, in front of the screens a wooden barrier - as the ones used to demarcate the areas of maintenance in cities - prevents the complete vision. The barrier keeps out the viewer, who is therefore forced to peer through the wooden planks and can never get close to the projection. Installation view Museum Goch, 2009.
89 petites piecès
2002, 89 videos, colour, suond, various time,
14 monitors, size 4 inch each, 14 mini loud speakers. Entirely shot in the Paris underground, 89 videos play simultaneously each with its own sound. 89 petites pièces is a multitude of humanity portrayed in the videos shown by the monitors scattered on the floor. The videos are a detailed close up: the entirety of the faces is never visible, the flow of humanity is a shred, just details of eyes, skin, mouths, hair, hands, are visible. Installation view, Valentina Moncada Gallery, Rome, 2002.
Je t'aime, Je t'aime
1999, 2 channels simultaneous video installation, 2 videos, colour, suond, time 4 minuts, 58 seconds.
The screens are placed one in front of the other. The obsessive repetition of the word je t'aime highlights the different emotional behaviors and attitudes in relation to one of the most intimate and private feelings, revealed by the camera that puts the viewer in the center of this impossible duet of two actors. The voices are dubbed and inverted. Installation view Revoltella Museum , Trieste, 2001.
We want to keep you safe
1998, Simultaneous projection, 2 videos, color, 30 minutes each. Shot in Benares in the line of junction roads leading to Dasaswamedh Ghat, the main ghat on the Ganges, the place of arrival of pilgrims. The two videos are simultaneously projected on both sides of the screen, ( an element made of wood, 2,30 mt high and 60 cm thick), the viewer must walk around the screen to see the two back and forth movements. Installation view, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, 1998.
1998/ 2000, 2 videos, colour, suond, time 9’58” each.
Shot in Benares – India. The videos are simultaneously projected, the viewer must pass through the corridor formed by the screens. The shot is a close up, the images follow one another in an endless visual continuity. There is no way out for the eye, it cannot focus, neither determine objects, nor distances. Installation views Accademia Austriaca, Rome, 2000, Primero Festival di Sciencia Y Tecnologia, Madrid, 2002.
Da 1 a 406
1997, 27 videos various times, colour, sound, 9 monitors, size 4” each.
Shot on a dairyfarm in Latium. Each video has a different running time and maintains its own sound that combines with other broadcasting monitors lined up on the wall. The animals are being investigated by the eye of the camera recording every detail, from the identification number to the eyes, nose and mouth, mostly showing the cows in the act of eating. Installation views Galleria Marabini, Bologna, 1997.
1994, 2 videos, colour, mute, time 21 minuts each.
The video shows the repetitive movement of one of the Malaysian Bears present at the Zoological Garden of Rome, which during the captive restraint has developed a neurotic behavior. The animal moves from the left to the right side of the cage, each time making exactly the same gestures. The videos are broadcast on two monitors placed at a distance of mt. 3 apart. Installation views Luigi Pecci Museum, Prato, 1994, Museum Ostwall, Dortmund, 2014.