La Specie
1996, 12 elements, 65 x 61.5 cm each. Silk-screen printing on leather, iron, sound, time 60 minutes. This gallery of portraits on leather, lined up on the wall, show men and women of the most important ethnic groups in India, many of which are endangered, as the Panians and the Kuis. The following legend is available for consultation: 1) Munda Woman 2) Men Kui 3) Gond Woman 4) Panian Man 5) Palli Man 6) Palli Woman 7) Santali Man 8) Santali Woman 9) Telugu Kapu Man 10) Bengali Woman 11) Toda Man 12) Toda Woman.
Zoo Boxes
1994, 14 elements, painted wood 22 x 23 x 28 cm each, b/w photo on paper.
The elements lined up on the wall ideally reconstruct the space of restraint due to captivity. Installation views Museo Luigi Pecci, Prato, 1994, Statengalerie, Den Haag, 1995.
1994, 15 elements, cm 23 x 22 x 28 each, painted wood, b/w photo print on baryth paper. The 15 elements lined up on the wall reconstruct the complete skeleton of a whale, shown at Museo Civico di Zoologia in Rome during the 199. The distances between the objects are similar to the distance between the vertebrae of the animal. Installation views Statengalerie, Den Haag, 1995, Galleria Valentina Moncada, Roma, 2008.
P come
1993, 20 Trays 29 x 39 cm each. Painted wood, enameled iron, plastic objects. Installation for a primary school class consisting of: 10 small tables, 20 small chairs, a blackboard, a desk, a chair. On each table is placed a numbered object whose name in Italian language begins with the letter P, the legend is available on the desk. The work is a clear reference to the learning process of school, and the game Flower, Fruit and City. Installation view, Scuola Giosuè Carducci, Roma 1994.
1992, 48 wood elements cm. 39 x 29 each, plumbing iron elements, sound, time 60 minutes, total size 4.30 x 3.40 mt. Freihafen is the name of the oldest customs area of the port of Hamburg. The plumbing elements of different sizes, recalling the shape of some naval items, are placed on 48 wooden trays installed symmetrically on the ground, in contrast with the strong presence of sound that has been recorded in the different areas of the port city. Installation views, Valentina Moncada Gallery, Rome 1993, Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto, 2011.
Master File
1991/92, 216 elements, 11x15 cm each. Photoengraving on porcelain.
Master File is an archive that collects the photographic testimony of animal life on this planet. Each tile is dedicated to an animal species, from the endangered ones that are disappearing to the ones that are more common or farmed. The installation takes up three walls of 3 x 4 mt each, on which the elements are arranged, numbered and cataloged, at regular intervals. The room becomes the resulting spatial representation, the view of an archive. Installation view, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma 1992.