Die richtige Höhe finden, um sich direkt in die Augen zu schauen
(finding the right height to look each other streight in the eyes), 2018/22, 16 elements, engobed terracotta, various sizes. The sculptures are presented as a group but they are each in their own space, shown on individual shelves, being internal and separate entities. Each one is installed at the height that allows to perceive the "true" nature of the character. Depending on the height, their gaze changes, therefore the perception we have of them. Each one expresses a different way of existing developing an equal relationship with the observer, never passive.
Die Totenmasken
(dead masks), 2021/22, engobed terracotta, various sizes. The sculptures are installed on oblique alluminium shelves.
Eravamo umidi, una volta
2003, small sculptures of different sizes, clay cold painted with bolus, wax; they become actors in the videos serie 7 Conversations and Europareie, 2017/19.
Waiting room ladies, waiting room gents
1995, 2 elements, iron, leather cm 108 x 37 x 37 each, 18 photoengraved porcelain cm 4,5 x 3,5 each. A series of old photographic portraits from the beginning of the Twentieth century found in the antiquities archives of the cities of Bikaner and Udaipur, India, are scattered untidily on the leather cushion inside the iron sculpture. The title is a clear reference to the traditional separatism between men and women that is still present in the most traditional groups both of Hindu and of Muslim faith. It is also the sign that indicated the different waiting rooms still present nowadays in some old Indian railway station. Installation view Galleria Valentina Moncada, Roma, 1995.
File Cards
1995, each file is composed by 7 elements of photoengraved porcelain, cm 11 x 15 each. For this series of special postcards all the sites chosen have in common a past of strong historical and political conflicts, wars, fights and dominations. The images used are both of destruction and war and classic postcard pictures. So far, five files were realized: 01 Naples/ Italy, 02 Mostar/ Former Yugoslavia, 03 Udaipur / India, 04 Waziristan Warriors / India, 05 Berlin / Germany.
Ping Pong
1995, 2 elements, painted wood, acrilic colour, b/w photo print on baryth paper cm 23x 28 x 22 each. The two photos placed beside these elements refer to the collection of bells during the process of extracting the poison from snakes in farms. It is impossible to observe the photos from a central standpoint, therefore the viewer must move from one side to the other, forcing the classic, central view.
1993, 11 elements, painted wood, b/w photos on baryth paper, cm 23 x 31x 31,5 each. Parzelle is the German term to define the plan drawing of a certain portion of land. In this series of elements lined up on the wall, the horizon is isolated, reversing the perception of the place opened / closed. The photographs were taken in the port of Hamburg. Installation view and detail, Villa Massimo, Roma 1995.
Fish Dish
1990/ 91, 5 elements, wood, plaster, graphite, mixed media, various dimensions.
Fish Dish 1, cm 51x 34; Fish Dish CU, cm 46 x 32,5; Fish Dish III, cm 39 x 29; Fish Fish IV, cm 39 x 29; Fish Dish V, cm 39 x 29.