Check Out
2011, 3 trucks of steel, height 180 cm each, bed sheets, 12 speakers, 6 players. Sound total duration of 7 hours, 13 seconds. The traks, normally used in hotels to transport the daily changes of sheets and towels, are presented with 4 speakers each, hidden in the laundry piled in the track. Noise, conversations, telephone calls: any sound imaginable in a hotel room has spread from the hidden speakers. Installation view CIAC, Centro Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea, Genazzano, 2011, MLAC, Rome, 2013.
17 minuti e 45 secondi di passeggiata verso il fiume
2009, sound, time 17 minutes, 45 seconds.
Recording of a walk to the Nera river, which I have made by wearing the holophonic microphone. Installation view at Museum Goch, 2009.
Autobiografia Sonora
2005/13, set of elements lined up on the wall, each of them contains a loud speaker which plays a different sound. Each sound is perceptible only by coming up to the object and putting the ear on the middle punctured oval. The sound recordings document the work of the last 18 years, but they also include recordings of my private life events. Installation view, Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana, 2011.
Plan de Paris (de Poche)
2004, one box, 18 CD, 4 monitors (4 inches each) 8 headphones, a table, chairs.
Sound map of the Paris metro in an "agile" format. All the sound material used for Plan de Paris is contained in a portable box made of wood, stamped and numbered.
Each CD contains one of the 18 itineraries. Installation view Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 2006.
Plan de Paris
2001, 18 CD audio , 18 CD players, 18 leds, 18 headphones, environment sound, sound proof room mt. 6 x 6.5. Complete sound map of the Paris undeground.
In a dark and soundproof room the sound of the Barbes Rochechouart underground station is broadcast. The red light of leds indicates where the headphones are, each of them playing a different journey described in the available legenda. Installation view MACRO, Roma, 2001.
La Specie
1996, 12 elements, 65 x 61.5 cm each. Silk-screen printing on leather, iron, sound, time 60 minutes. The gallery of portraits lined up on the wall, shows men and women of the most important ethnic groups in India, many of which are endangered as Panian and Kui. The sound of birds: Tricoglosso Moluccas, Southern Nestrore Galerita Cockatoo, Leadbeater Cockatoo, Ara Macao, Collared Parakeet, Cackatoo Galeato, Green Wings Ara, Cape Rose Cockatoo, Hyacinth Ara, Cinerino Parrot, Singing Parakeet and Pezoporo, widespread in space, was recorded at the Rome Zoo. Installation view, Ala Mazzoniana, Stazione Termini, Rome, 1996.
1994, sound, holophonic digital recording, time 51 minutes, 42 seconds, dark soundproof room mt. 3.80 x 4.50. The sound of the voice of White Handed Gibbon of Asia Minor, recorded with the holophonic system has allowed to mantain the perception of limited space to which captivity compels him. The recording, being broadcast in a completely dark, soundproof room. Installation view Museo Luigi Pecci, Prato, 1994.
1992, 48 wood elements cm. 39 x 29 each, plumbing iron elements, sound, time 60 minutes, total size 4.30 x 3.40 mt. Freihafen is the name of the oldest customs area of the port of Hamburg. The plumbing elements of different sizes, recalling the shape of some naval items, are placed on 48 wooden trays installed symmetrically on the ground, in contrast with the strong presence of sound that has been recorded in the different areas of the port city. Installation views, Valentina Moncada Gallery, Rome 1993, Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto, 2011.