Botanischer Garten
2009, series of drawing cm 21 x 30,5 each, realized in the greenhouses of Botanischer Garten, Berlin.
Chi è più felice di me
2000/ 01, series of drawings cm 17 x 25 each, mixed media on paper and b/ w photos on baryth paper. The photos comes from my private family archive, the stories refer to real people and events.
Dichiarazioni d'identità
1997, set of 27 drawings cm 47x 56 each, photos and mixed media on paper.
Each drawing is dedicated to a single existing cow, a sort of portrait including also name, detailed cow photos and scientific drawings of internal organs. The cow’s coat pattern has the same characteristics as the human fingerprint, to which the title refers: it is unique for each animal. Vedute dell'installazione Galleria Marabini, Bologna, 1997.
Sale d'attesa
1995, mixed media, b/w photo print on paper.
The photographs presented for these paintings on paper, cm 24,5 x 34,5, come from a photo archive found in Bikaner and Udaipur, India, the same used for the photoengravings on porcelain of Waiting room ladies, waiting room gents.